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Material Flow Accounting

Material Flow Accounting is used to analyse the material flows on a national, supranational or regional scale. Already in 2001, the former ETC on Waste expanded its scope of work to include Material Flow Accounting (MFA). This expansion was a result of the EU policy developments in the area of sustainable use of natural resources in the context of the 6th Environmental Action Programme. Concerning MFA, the key work objectives of the ETC/SCP include:

This website provides an overview of the concept of material flows and the method of material flow accounting (MFA), the policy relevance of material flows, and how MFA is applied. Subsequently, it shows a comprehensive database on material flows and derived indicators for sustainability. Finally, it provides a selection of links to Internet resources related to MFA.

Concept & Methodology Introduces the concept of Material Flow Analysis and explains it´s methodology, including a brief discussion of its strengths and limitations for policy application
Policy Context Provides key facts and context for including the issue of material flows in recent policy initiatives such as the 6th Environmental Action Programme of the EU
Material Flows in Europe Presents key findings and conclusions concerning MFA in Europe, based on the analysis of indicators
Data & Indicators Includes a comprehensive data base with MFA statistics and indicators for European Union, and links to data for some individual countries
Links Provides a collection of useful internet links in the area of material flows and MFA, including a brief description of the contents of the homepages.

If you have any comments and suggestions to the contents of this page, please contact Dominic Wittmer from the ETC/SCP team.