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Europe as a Recycling Society - Present recycling levels of Municipal Waste and Construction & Demolition Waste in the EU

Released: 2009/04/29: See The full report

This report provides an overview of the level of and composition of recycling of municipal waste and construction and demolition waste in the EU Member States.

The reports shows that all old and almost all new EU Member States have increased recycling of municipal waste in the last ten years. Recycling of paper and cardboard, and bio-waste in the form of green kitchen waste and garden waste, constitute the largest part of recycling in countries with highest recycling of municipal waste. In general, however, glass, paper and cardboard, plastic, metals are the backbone of recycling in the EU.

The report also shows that many EU Member States already have high recycling levels of construction and demolition waste. Concrete, bricks, tiles and asphalt is the most commonly recycled C&D waste materials, but almost all countries with very a high recycling level also recycle a significant quantity soil.

Published as ETC/SCP Working Paper No 2/2009.