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Green economy and recycling in Europe

Released: 2011/12/16: See The full report

The EEA and its Topic Centre on SCP have released a report on green economy and recycling in Europe.

Recycling has traditionally been promoted for environmental reasons, but it also has increasing economic importance. A review of the development of the concept of green economy indicates that recycling is an integral part of green economy. The report is about recycling and different aspects of its economic importance for Europe such as turnover, trade within and out of Europe and job creation. The report also covers how much recycling ensures total consumption of different materials in Europe currently and what the potential is for increasing this share. Special focus is also placed on the question of current and future need of critical metals.

Besides the ETC/SCP Working Paper, EEA has released a short paper describing the results of the project.

Published as ETC/SCP Working Paper No 5/2011.