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Country fact sheets on sustainable consumption and production policies

This site presents Pilot Factsheets on National Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies for Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and United Kingdom developed by the ETC/SCP for the EEA. The pilot fact sheets are based on a conceptual framework for SCP policies at the national level and provide information on selected elements of the conceptual framework:


Open SCP policy fact sheets by country or topic below.

Country Specific

Austria Czech Republic Denmark
France Germany United Kingdom

Topic Specific

A: Overall policy framework

1. Setting the scene
1.1 General facts and figures about the country
1.2 Narrative introduction: SCP in the national environmental policy context

2. Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production: Strategic objectives, policy instruments in focus and indicators and quantitative targets defined in national strategies, action plans etc.
2.1 Strategies, action plans etc that address SCP explicitly and comprehensively
2.2 Most important SCP related strategies, action plans etc

     2.2.1 Overall, economy-wide strategic objectives, indicators and target etc

     2.2.2 SCP policies along the life-cycle chain
        Use and Management of Raw Materials
        Leaner and cleaner production, and the environmental technologies sector
        Better products and services
        Smarter consumption - household consumption
        Smarter consumption - public consumption (Intermediate private consumption by firms)

     2.2.3 Specific SCP policies in the production-consumption areas of highest environment impact
        Food and drink
        SCP social aspects

3. Institutional setup to support the implementation of SCP
3.1 National institutions with responsibility explicitly "in the name of SCP"
3.2 Other major and innovative national institutions with SCP-related responsibility

4. SCP international cooperation
4.1 Participation in the Marrakech Process (MP)
4.2 Participation in the work of the International Panel for Sustainable Resource Man.
4.3 Organisation of other major international cooperation initiatives and events, explicitly in the name of SCP.

5. Overall stakeholder events, campaigns and dialogue processes
5.1 Overall stakeholder events, campaigns and dialogue processes "in the name of SCP".

6. References

B: Examples of National Policies to Promote Sustainable Household Consumption
List of national policies to promote sustainable household consumption

C: Show cases on national policies to promote sustainable household consumption
Show case I, II and II