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New ETC on SCP

The European Environment Agency has chosen a consortium led by the Danish Topic Centre on Waste to become the new European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ETC/SCP), the successor to the current European Topic Centre on Resource and Waste Management (ETC/RWM). The 5-year contract for the new ETC/SCP will run from January 2009 to December 2013. The consortium behind the new Topic Centre consists of:

•  Federal Environment Agency (Germany).

•  Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

•  UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)

•  The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

•  Institute of Economic Research on Firms and Growth (CERIS-CNR)

•  Lund University International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

•  Environment Agency England and Wales

Each year a work plan (Implementation Plan) for the ETC will be developed based on the annual management plans of the EEA. The entire consortium team is looking forward to working in cooperation with the Eionet

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11th Eionet Workshop

On 19th and 20th June 2008, the Topic Centre held its 11th annual Eionet workshop at the headquarters of the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. Representatives from 29 countries participated in the workshop along with representatives from the EEA and the EU Commission (including JRC and Eurostat); in all, 66 people took part in the workshop. All the presentations and background papers from the workshop, photographs from the group session, and the full proceedings are available on Circa.

The workshop took place over three sessions. The First Session centred around Outlooks to Priority developments in European Waste Policy and opened with a presentation by Jakub Wejchert ( DG Environment), outlining the new Waste Framework Directive and developments in EU waste and SCP policy. Two expert presentations followed: Mieke De Schoenmakere (OVAM, Belgium) covered the various tools and techniques employed in Flemish Waste Prevention Policy and; Inaki Susaeta (IHOBE, Spain) explained factors involved in the management of Construction and Demolition waste in the Basque region.

The aim of the Second Session was to discuss the future development of the existing country fact sheets on waste policies. These currently cover the EU-25, but will be expanded this year to include the new EU-27 and Norway, and include additional waste streams. A steered participatory session was used to better ascertain which additional waste streams the member countries felt they could gain the most from, and to receive more general input on how the fact sheets could be improved. Delegates were divided into three groups, within which separate focus was placed on presentation and content.

The main outcome was that expanding the fact sheets to include waste prevention policies would provide the most benefit for the Member Countries. The inclusion of Construction and Demolition waste and WEEE was also considered valuable, although the former would require considerably more effort. A method to ease the process of updating the sheets will also be sought alongside a review and improvement of the current internet presentation of the data.

The Third Session centred on developments in waste, resources and sustainable consumption and production in Europe, with a concluding discussion on the role of Eionet and the ETC/SCP over the coming years. Birgit Munck-Kampmann and Lars Mortensen presented the highlights and main findings of the Topic Centre's projects on Waste and SCP respectively. The focus of the Third Session then shifted from policy to data. Raffaella Bersani (JRC) gave a presentation on scientific support to life-cycle thinking in relation to the Waste Framework Directive, followed by Almut Reichel (EEA) presenting an introduction to the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS). Karin Blumenthal (Eurostat) rounded off the afternoons presentations with a detailed look at the roles and development of the three new Data Centres on Waste, Resources and Products.

The Workshop was concluded with a short round-table discussion on the role of the Topic Centre and how it, together with the EEA, could best meet the needs of the member countries in the field of waste, resources and SCP.

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West Balkan CARDS Project

The Topic Centre, under contract to the EEA, is currently carrying out a project focused on the West Balkan. The project will bring together representatives from the Eionet and the National Statistical Offices in a workshop in order to discuss issues related to waste data and waste reporting obligations (Waste Statistical Regulation). The focus of the workshop will be on current work in this area within the countries, as well as a discussion on the current and future activities in the EEA/ETC that are important to the countries, including SEIS, the Data Centre on Waste, the country fact sheets on waste policies and the new ETC on SCP.

The country representatives will also be asked to provide a brief update of their current national status regarding waste data and the implementation of waste data collection systems. Representatives will also be asked to present donor projects concerned with waste data and reporting obligations in the West Balkans

The workshop will take place on Thursday 6 -7 November 2008 in Copenhagen.

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Country Fact Sheets on SCP Policies

As a part of the joint EEA – ETC/RWM project Country fact sheets on SCP policies, the ETC/RWM has developed a Conceptual Framework on SCP Policies. This work is based on a combination of our previous work on the topic, a literature review, and preliminary information collection in selected countries, and maps the scope we would like to cover with the SCP fact sheets in the long term.

A number of selected national experts in EEA member countries and relevant experts of the European Commission have been invited to provide input and guidance on this conceptual framework.

The objectives of this informal consultation are to:

  • review and comment on the scope of fact sheets on SCP policies,
  • advise which issues should be covered as a priority in the 2009 SCP country fact sheets and which could be undertaken at a later date,
  • steer the work in other ways as needed/appropriate.

The informal consultation will take place in September and October 2008. Pilot fact sheets are being developed for Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France and the UK during 2008. It is expected that draft fact sheets will be ready for country consultation in December 2008.

The long term goal of the ETC/RWM project on SCP policy fact sheets is to provide up-to-date information in a structured format on SCP policies in European countries.

It is intended that the fact sheets should:

  • Act as inspiration and an information source for member countries to share experience and good practices on SCP policies,
  • Provide information to aid the DG Environment and others in policy development in the area of SCP,
  • Gather background information which will enable the EEA, its ETC and others to carry out comparative analysis related to SCP policies at the national level in the EU.
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Eionet consultation of landfill study

The Topic Centre has carried out a policy effectiveness assessment of waste management policies in different countries in recent years. The completed studies will be available for download from the ETC/RWM soon.

The aim of this project is to evaluate national waste management policies in selected countries in the context of the Landfill Directive and other relevant EU waste policies, and to evaluate the results of these policies in diverting municipal waste from landfill. The objective is to reach conclusions on whether, and how, the existing EU policy framework acts as a driver for strategic change in waste management at the national level. In particular, the study will analyse policies in relation to their impacts on the diversion of total municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) from landfill.

The final report based on the individual country studies, Diverting waste from landfill: Effectiveness of national waste policies related to the Landfill Directive, will be published in early 2009 after broad consultation with participating countries via the Eionet and other organisations.

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New member of the Copenhagen Team

Ioannis Bakas joined the Copenhagen team in August. Ioannis has just finalised his Master degree at the Technical University of Denmark. His Master thesis was on the Life Cycle Assessment of construction and demolition waste. Ioannis will primarily be involved in the continuation of the project on the outlooks for generation and treatment of waste and the emissions of GHGs.

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