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The European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production

The European Topic Centre on SCP is an international consortium of specialist partner organisations from environmental authorities and research communities in Europe.

The consortium is coordinated by the

CRI is an independent body established by the Danish Ministry of the Environment in 1997, to act as the lead organisation in the Topic Centre.

The mission of the Topic Centre is to provide reliable and comparable data and information on SCP, resource and waste management in Europe to decision-makers and the public.

The European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ETC/SCP), established in 1997 as the ETC on Waste (in 2001 was renamed to ETC on Waste and Material Flows, then in 2005 to Resources and Waste Management and in January 2009 to SCP), is one of the six Topic Centres under the European Environment Agency.

European Topic Centres (ETCs) are centres of thematic expertise contracted by the European Environment Agency (EEA) to carry out specific tasks identified in the EEA strategy (five-year work programme) and the annual management plans. They are designated by the EEA management board following a Europe-wide competitive selection process and work as an extension of the EEA in specific topic areas. Each ETC consists of a lead organisation and specialist partner organisations from the environmental research and information community, which combine their resources in their particular area of expertise.

The ETCs, working together with member and co-operating countries, facilitate the provision of data and information from the countries and deliver reports and other services to the EEA and Eionet.

The Topic Centre is part of the European Information and Observation Network (Eionet). The network is a co-operative activity between the Agency and the member countries and was set up in order to help the Agency to retrieve information, identify special issues and produce efficient and timely information on Europe’s environment.

The Eionet consists of three main elements: the Topic Centres, the National Reference Centres and the National Focal Points. DG Environment, Eurostat and Joint Research Centre are also parts of Eionet.

The information we create is communicated through various channels. The Topic Centre contributes to EEA publications and prepares working papers and a number of stand-alone technical reports, fact sheets and indicator based assessments with special focus on SCP, resource use, waste and material flows. Topic Centre outputs are also presented at conferences, in articles, via press releases, and in our electronic newsletter. All the publications of our Topic Centre are available at this website.